Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Entertainment Dish...

Here's a little sampler of what's on the menu today: Green Lantern news, American Idiot rumors, Joaquin Phoenix coming out of retirement? Plus Sheen back at CBS, check it out:

-Michael Clarke Duncan has joined the cast of the Green Lantern, lending his voice to one of the animated characters of the film.

-American Idiot (the smash broadway hit by Green Day) is reportedly being adapated for the big screen with Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong playing the lead character.

-Joaquin Phoenix who abruptly quit the acting business two years ago is apparently rumored to be coming back to the big screen as he is in talks to join a religious drama project.

-Nicki Minaj has joined Britney Spears upcoming tour replacing Enrique Inglesias.

-Charlie Sheen has reportedly been having talks to rejoin Two and a Half Men for the fall season.

-Ricky Gervais Executive Producer of The Office says the show is still going to be kicking even after star Steve Carell leave the show in a few weeks and could extend on for a few more seasons. (Most of the current cast is contracted through next season, which is season 8.)

-Sally Field is set to star opposite Daniel Day Lewis in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, playing Lincoln's wife.

-Russell Brand has joined the upcoming movie Rock of Ages.

-Catherine Zeta-Jones has checked herself in for treatment for bi-polar disease.

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