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American Idol Top 8 Movie Recap

American Idol Top 8:

Well boys and girls, I predicted two of the three bottom three last week but never and I mean never did I picture Pia being sent home. I considered her to be the strongest contestant on the show and I like all who watched the results show last week were left in complete shock. So let’s see if I can sharpen my senses this week and predict whose going home correctly.

Theme- Music from the Movies

Paul McDonald sings; Old Time Rock and Roll

TK Take- I fast forwarded this performance because it was awful. His voice sounded absolutely terrible and he didn’t do this classic song any justice. Seriously why is he on the show. I think this week America will forget that he was even on and will be in serious trouble. Harsh critique for an absolutely terrible performance.

Status- Bottom three without a doubt

Lauren Alaina sings; The Climb

TK Take- Anyone can sing this better then the no talented Miley Cyrus, who are we kidding. I think she does an ok job with the song but I’m not impressed. She has sounded better in recent weeks and I truly think she takes a step back this week with her cover. Her voice I think climbs all over the place in this song and I truly didn’t enjoy her this week at all.

Status- Could be in jeopardy, stay tuned.

Stefano Langone sings; End of the Road

TK’s Take- Still can’t believe I’m watching him perform this week instead of Pia, so I’ll try to look at it a little bit more clearly. I’ll give him some credit he does a pretty good job with the song. He does have a good voice but I still don’t think it’s enough to take him over the hump. There are better male singers in this competition and I think Stefano every week just squeaks by and gets swallowed up in the competition.

Status- Could be in trouble, stay tuned.

Scotty McCreery sings; I Cross My Heart

TK’s Take- I absolutely love this song so I really hope he doesn’t make me look at it differently. It’s one of the most romantic and best love songs ever recorded by the great George Strait. I think he takes this song and knocks it out of the park. He is so in the zone when he sings a country song and it shines through tonight. He knows what works for him and he capitalizes on it every time. His voice wasn’t the greatest at some parts of the song but he still does a good enough job to make it work.

Status- Will continue, is safe another week.

Casey Abrams sings; Nature Boy

TK’s Take- I was really excited when he said he was going to cover In the Air Tonight but he decided to do Nature Boy. Gotta be honest my friends, the song sucked and his performance sucked also. I just have to call them as I see him. The song moved way too slow and his vocals just didn’t do anything for me at all. He has been saved before and I think that after this week the judges are regretting using the save on him instead of Pia. As I was typing this the judges apparently disagree and give him a standing ovation, but will America like it, that’s the question.

Status- Could be in trouble, stay tuned.

Haley Reinhart sings; Call Me

TK’s Take- After hating on Haley for most of the season, the last few weeks I’ve actually grown to like her and her voice more and more. This is a great rock and roll song and I think she does well with it. Was my favorite performance of the night so far, but in my eyes the other contestants before her didn’t show me anything but I think Haley shows off her big vocals and nails the song well.

Status- I think she will be safe

Jacob Lusk sings; Bridge over Troubled Water

TK’s Take- I did predict him correctly in the bottom three last week so here’s hoping he fixes that issue. A good song choice that should fit his voice well. I think that this week he kind of gets lost in the song again like last week. I think Jacob sizzled at the beginning of this competition and is now starting to fizzle out. He hasn’t done anything recently to show that is he current in this competition and I’m starting to think he might be a one trick pony. This song falls flat for me tonight along with his vocals. Sorry Jacob.

Status- A trip to the bottom three maybe? Stay tuned.

James Durbin sings; Heavy Metal

TK’s Take- Finally a performance worth writing about, and Zach Wylde, hell to the yeah. A classic Sammy Hagar song, that sure most people who watch this song probably won’t recognize but I do and I appreciate a rock guy on this show and taking some risks with this song choice. I think his vocals sound really good much better then last week and it made me wanna get up and rock, so I tip my hat off to James, another awesome rock and roll performance!!!

Status- Safe
Best Performance of the Night- James Durbin for Heavy Metal

So here’s my prediction for the bottom 3:


My prediction on whose going home this week: Paul McDonald

Am I right with my assumptions and opinions, please let me know guys and sound off. Thanks everybody!!!


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