Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's Entertainment Dish...

Hello everyone, lots of things making news today, so here's the low down:

-NBC has decided to send Steve Carell off big. The Office will be a supersized episode on April 28th, Michael Scott's last show.

-Also that night Parks and Rec will receive an extended episode as well.

-Michael Shannon has been cast as General Zod in the upcoming Superman Man of Steel. Shannon's credits include Revolutionary Road and most recently- Boardwalk Empire.

-Liam Neeson's cameo from The Hangover Part 2 has been cut.

-Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation is coming out May 3rd.

-Tobey Maguire has been cast in the upcoming movie The Life of Pi.

-Josh Pence has joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, playing Ra's al Guhl but only in flashbacks...

-Producers of American Idol say Pia (the most recent kicked off contestant) was never a front-runner on the show contrary to popular belief.


  1. I saw on that there will be a death on Parks and Rec...

    Check out the May Sweeps Scorecard:

  2. very interesting indeed thanks for the heads up jeron

  3. NOOOOOO! April 28th is too close. I will miss Special Agent Michael Scarn.

  4. I know right dude, it's going to be an episode where I'll probably be crying just kidding, but seriously.