Monday, April 25, 2011

TK's Takeout: Top 10 Must See Summer Movies: 10 & 9

Hello friends and followers of my blog, how are you?

For those of you who know me well, you know I'm a huge fan of not just going to the movies, but am a big fan of the summer blockbuster season. I like to get a head start and see what projects are coming out early so in turn I can provide you guys with the scoop on Hollywood's most anticipated movies for the upcoming summer season.

For the last few years; including my time at the Lewis Flyer Newspaper I would always do a preview for the biggest summer movies. That countdown usually consisted of just five movies but this year with a brand new blog must come a bigger and brand new countdown. So I decided to double my efforts and preview the top 10 films for the summer in greater depth and detail. So without further a due, let's get started with number 10.

And thanks to you guys responding to one of my postings, I will be unveiling two movies each day with number one being revealed at the end of the week!!!

10. Green Lantern, out June 17th, stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Mark Strong.
TK's Quick Take- This movie boasts a pretty solid cast and Ryan Reynolds seems to be the hottest actor in Hollywood lately, and I'm not referencing his looks. His recent films have all been pretty successful commercial hits and people are starting to notice he can really act, so why not put him into the infamous Green Lantern world. A world that has been dying to get to the big screen for quite some time.

The early trailer had me scratching my head but as the new images and trailers and have come online, I'm starting to become a believer. I expect the movie to be a hit with viewers for two reasons. First, people always flock to superhero movies. Take for instance the past few years. The Iron Man franchise and the Batman franchise have been box office titans and while I don't expect Green Lantern to touch Iron Man or Batman type numbers I think people will still check this movie out. There are supposed to be hundreds and hundreds of digital CGI shots so hopefully the finished product doesn't look too fake.

TK's Takeout Summer Prediction- Will be a hit and prove Ryan Reynolds is one of the true leading men in Hollywood now!


9. Cowboys & Aliens, out July 29th, stars Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford.
TK's Quick Take- So if the cast doesn't get you take a look at whose behind the scenes of this movie. Executive producer Steven Spielberg, producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard and directed by Jon Favreau, whose most recent films include oh yeah Iron Man 1 and 2. If you don't recognize any of these names well then you're no movie buff like me, just kidding. This movie can't fail with the cast and crew behind it and from what I've been seeing and hearing this movie looks to become a big summer blockbuster.

If the title doesn't intrigue you what will? Cowboys and Aliens battling it out, sign me up. You have James Bond and Indiana Jones in the same movie, I mean come on people, what more do we need? But all kidding aside, Cowboys and Aliens is going to be a film you won't want to miss. Daniel Craig is apparently kidnapped by the aliens and is returned to Earth wearing some mysterious bracelet that apparently becomes active when the Aliens are near and can shoot down their space craft. Explosions, suspense and a talented group of actors should make for a very worthwhile film and I'm thinking a surprise summer hit.

TK's Takeout Summer Prediction- Cast and crew are some of the biggest names Hollywood has to offer and the story won't be cheesy, so expect a lot of big dollars and positive reviews for Cowboys and Aliens.


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