Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Office: Training Day Recap

Well as the departure of Steve Carell looms over the world of The Office, we got our first look at new addition to the show for a four episode guest arc (and after tonight hopefully nothing more) Will Ferrell. My expectations for this show were very high and I have to be honest with all of you, I'm not liking what I'm seeing with this episode and quite frankly I'm a bit worried after seeing this episode.

I thought the opening scene was somewhat funny, the two of them sitting on opposite ends of the bar and then making their way to sitting next to one another before ultimately realizing that the guy each of them is waiting for is the person right next to them. And then as the rest of the staff is introduced to DeAngelo things just took a turn for the worst in my opinion.

I wasn't really a fan of everyone trying to impress DeAngelo as it got old rather fast. Take for instance, Andy doing his stupid over the top gags to impress him as the funny guy of the office. Only one problem, not funny. Darryl trying to impress him by pretending the southwest region is his favorite region, give me a break. We can't turn these characters into something that their not. I understand the path the writers took here in this episode to try and impress the new boss, because well, we all have done that before. I just don't like the way they went about it tonight, too over the top and just bits that weren't funny or memorable.

I still think the right move for this show is to have someone from the staff take over and not hire an outside actor. I firmly believe that the cast they have now is more then enough to carry the show and a big name Hollywood actor would just throw off the vibe of the show, alas tonight's episode with Ferrell. Dwight, Jim and Andy provide more then enough potential to take over the branch and I would kill to see Dwight lead the branch for an entire season, just think of the chaos that he would create.

Sure Jim has done it before but that was handled so poorly by the show because he was never manager, just co-manager. I think in the show's reality, Jim is one of the smartest characters on the show and has the brains to run a branch, heck he went to corporate and applied for Jan's position before ultimately coming back to ask Pam out for a date. And Andy sure he may not be the best at sales, but something within me says Andy Bernard is no quitter, but a winner and he would prove to others he could handle the responsibilities of being a branch manager.

Quite frankly if this is what it might be like post Carell, then as a die hard fan, I'm a little worried. Maybe I'm being too harsh just after one episode with Will Ferrell but as I said earlier, it never really took off for me and that worries me. The cast doesn't need an outside to come in and throw off the balance of the show that we all have become so comfortable with. Will Ferrell is a movie star, not a TV sitcom star and I think after tonight that was shown. I hope for the show's sake and for Carell's sake this doesn't backfire big time.

The show is too well-written most of the time and too thought out too go down the toilet now. Will Ferrell last I heard has only booked a four episode arc so he'll be around for three more episodes and I'm hoping that he does not become a series regular because if that happens, The Office might be closing up shop for good.


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