Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TK's Takeout: Top 10 Must See Summer Movies: 6 & 5

I hope everybody has been enjoying the countdown so far? I have gotten some positive feedback from my selections to date and with my next two picks, some might question why I have one of these movies so far down on the countdown. Well, to answer that, there are just so many good movies coming out this summer and it was rather hard to put them in an order, but I had to and that's why all the movies landed where they are. Up next are two movies both of the same genre but both containing completely different plots. So without further a due here's a look at the next two movies on TK's Top 10 Must See Summer Movies!!!

A quick recap:
10. Green Lantern
9. Cowboys and Aliens
8. Bad Teacher
7. Friends with Benefits

6. The Hangover Part 2, out May 26th, stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong.
TK's Quick Take- If the first movie you make becomes the highest grossing comedy of all time and becomes one of the most talked about and quoted movies of all-time, what is a major studio to do? about round up the director and cast of the first one and make a sequel and let chaos run rapid again, check! The gang is all back for a second go and friends, I can not freaking wait! From the second they announced they were doing another Hangover, I'll be quite honest, I was as giddy as a school girl.

I loved the original and I know what many people are thinking, are they going to ruin this one? To be honest, we won't know til we see it for ourselves and of course everyone will judge it in their own way, but I don't think they will. Sure it might not be as funny as the original, but very few sequels are as good as their predecessor, but with this cast and crew, we're certain of one thing, laughing. The trailer looks very promising and you just want to know how they got into their state of mind and what mischief they got into and I for one will be in my theater seat popcorn in hand on opening night to see the chaos that the wolfpack gets into. And chances are I'll skip the drink because I have a feeling I'll wanna pee my pants from the laughing!

TK's Takeout Summer Prediction- Opens Memorial Day and what better way to spend Memorial Day then at the movies with friends, seeing the Wolfpack making us fall out of our seats and causing stomach pain from non-stop laughing. Also will be a huge money maker as well.


5. Crazy Stupid Love, out July 29th, stars Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone.
TK's Quick Take- I've been hearing a lot about this movie since it was in early development and I had to say I was rather excited to hear the premise of this movie and it's a good one. A man (Carell) has the American dream life going for him until his wife (Moore) unexpectedly wants a divorce. So of course he hasn't been on the dating scene for a while and is thrown into the wilderness with no game. Insert the player (Gosling) who takes him under his wings to try and pick up women and from there things just go all over the place.

The first trailer, see below, looks very promising. This cast contains a lot of great comedic actors and I think this movie should be a little bit more on the serious side too, maybe along the lines of Dan in Real Life, who knows? I think it's going to be a very funny movie and have it's sensitive scenes as well that will provide something for a wide range of audience and make a nice little date night movie for you couples out there!

TK's Takeout Summer Prediction- Opens in late July and by that time the big blockbusters will have come and gone. I think it will do quite well as Carell is getting a lot of attention post 'Office' career and with a star loaded cast, I think this will be a movie that appeals to all ages and genres.


So what do you think of these movie picks my friends? Agree or disagree, leave/post a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on these two choices, and check back here Thursday for numbers 4 and 3 on my Top 10 Countdown.


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