Friday, July 1, 2011

A check in with TK

Hello everybody,

As you can tell the blog has been lacking in any new posts the past several weeks and while I would love to be able to post something new and exciting everyday I just can't. I've been too busy with work and other various things that the blog just gets pushed aside for a bit.

I told myself that I wouldn't let this blog turn into my former blog which I just forgot about completely and I'm standing by that. I will continue to post new blog postings when I have time because I have had a lot of people approach me and tell me that they love my blog and the news I provide for them!!! So I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

This blog will return to normal with daily postings once people are back in school because that is when people check it the most. The summer is time for us to be out with friends and family so that is what I've been doing like the rest of you fellow blog followers as well. But I thought since it's late Thursday night almost midnight Friday morning I would write a little bit because I've been wanting to now for quite a while so here we go:

As many of you know I just recently turned the big 25!!! I know right? I still can't believe it sometimes that I'm 25 years old. I don't ever really feel that old but here we are lol. I have been having a terrific summer which was recently highlighted by two events. The first was the surprise party we threw for my girlfriend Amanda's 21st Birthday! It was a night I know I'll never soon forget and one I think she won't as well :)

The second thing was my Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise vacation I went on. My friends if there is something I ever tell you to do/experience, this is it. I kid you not that boat was freaking insane/ridiculous/awesome and legendary all rolled up into one kick-ass package. That's how awesome it was. There was something going on every night of the week and it truly is a floating city, the ship is so big it will take you the entire week to explore all that the Oasis has to offer. It was a trip of a lifetime that I got to experience with some great people!!!

Other then that my friends, not a whole lot has been going on besides work and play. With the 4th coming up it'll be nice to sneak up to Michigan for a couple of days to sit by the lake and of course play some golf with family even though I won't shoot that well, but hey, who cares right?

I hope everybody out there who follows this blog and hell who doesn't is having a terrific summer of their own as well. It's halfway over already and for me, it's been one for the record books already and I can only hope that it continues to get better with each new day!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday late night rumblings..

Hello boys and girls,

Here's a little late night entertainment news:

-Mad Men star Jon Hamm has signed on for 3 additional seasons on the hit drama.

-Pirates 4 has entered the Top 10 highest grossing films of all-time with speculations also starting to rumble about a possible Pirates 5 announcement within days.

-Conan O'Brien seems set to appear on an upcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother this fall.

-Cars 2 and Bad Teacher top this week's new movie releases.

-Terry O'Quinn from Lost has joined the cast of Hawaii Five-O.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm back everyone...

Hey everybody,

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks since my last post but I've been so busy!!! Just got home like 2 hours ago from my 9 day vacation in which I was on the Oasis of the Seas and it was fantastic. Just wanted to check in and let you guys know I didn't forget about the website and new postings will happen after I get back settled in!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TK Movie Review- Bridesmaids, not your ordinary Chick Flick

Well hello friends and followers...

So the other day Amanda and I decided to venture out to Marcus Cinema to catch a movie we've both been wanting to see and that movie was 'Bridesmaids.' Now being a guy I at first glance thought it was just nothing more then a chick flick and I wasn't going to enjoy the ladies perspective. Well after watching it my friends, insert foot in mouth here, it was freaking hilarious, and I mean freaking hilarious.

The movie has a pretty solid comedic cast led by Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph but also features some other familiar faces including Rose Byrne, Ellie Kempler and my new favorite comedy actress Melissa McCarthy who steals the movie in every scene she is in.

The premise of the movie is clear from the title. Annie (Wiig) whose life is in utter disarray, finds out that her life long best friend Lillian (Rudolph) is getting married and is asked to be the maid of honor. But little does she and the audience watching know that she soon finds herself facing some stiff competition from Helen played wonderfully by Byrne, who has now been deemed Lillian's new BFF. So of course the two of them try to upstage each other and since Annie has very little money and no real life security let's say can't afford the nicest of things, is put into awkward situations by Helen because she is a very rich and popular lady.

So the movie focuses on their rival and then the rest of the group as well. There are two moments in the movie that will stand out to me for many years to come and if you've seen the movie you'll know what I'm talking about right away. The first is the scene in which our ladies find themselves trying on different bridesmaids dresses and suddenly start to feel sick. Cue the uncontrollable laughter now guys. This scene becomes so funny and disgusting it's like a bad car wreck, you can't turn away from it. Needless to say the girls have the sudden urge to use the bathroom and since there is only one toilet....well use your imagination to what else is in the bathroom to use!

The second scene is the one in which we see our two rivals slowly start to unite over the fact that they can't find the bride to be. So in order to get the attention of Annie's love interest Officer Nathan, Annie turns on the charm and does things behind the wheel that no human being should do while driving. Drinking, smoking and of course texting behind the wheel.

Bridesmaids is not just a funny movie but has a good heart behind it. The friendship that the girls have is tested and the struggles that I'm sure all girls bridal parties go through are put to the ultimate test, maybe a bit more because after all, it's a Hollywood movie here.

Wiig is terrific as the funny leading lady but also shows off her sensitive side in the picture as well which is a refreshing thing to see on screen. But the major shout out goes to Megan McCarthy for portraying the larger then life Megan. There are some classic movie moments and I use the term classic very seriously here. She has some moments in that movie that truly make you want to pee your pants. She is the total package in this movie and Bridesmaids is a film that both guys and girls will definitely walk out of smiling.

Bridesmaids earns a 3.5/4 on the TK scale!


It's been a few days

Hello friends,

Sorry I haven't posted anything since Wed the 25th, it's been a long and hectic Memorial Day Weekend, which by the way, I hope everyone had a good weekend and holiday.

I worked all weekend but was off today so had a nice relaxing day with Amanda and her family. We went and saw 2 movies in the last few days: Bridesmaids and The Hangover Part 2 (both of which I'll try to post movie reviews soon).

It's another long work week in store for me but hey I got my cruise in less then 2 weeks so it's worth it.

Well it's just after 1am so I should probably go to bed!

Night everybody.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Wednesday Everyone...

Just checking in to all my followers out there. Hope everyone had a nice day today, I sure did. Went to the mall with Amanda to finish shopping for the cruise and then had a nice relaxing evening watching the season finale of Modern Family and then catching the last 30 mins of Idol to see Scotty win, congrats to him. (still wish James Durbin would of won)

Already the middle of the week, where does the time go? I am really excited for this weekend to roll around, not sure why but I am. Working a lot and making money is good but it just takes me another day closer to my cruise with all the Chi-Town cruisers, I can't freaking wait!!! It's almost here!!!

Anyways, we'll be at work for like 10 hours tomorrow so no new postings I'm afraid but def keep checking back and take a look at the new poll question I got up, it concerns the movies of course.

Thanks guys for reading!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

TK's Takeout- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

Ahoy mates,

When you think of successful movie franchises what comes to mind? Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings sure but there is another successful franchise that has raked in over 2 billion dollars across the globe and that is the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. If you're like me then you fell in love with these movies and characters all the way back in 2003 with the first installment; The Curse of the Black Pearl. Now while many would say the second and third installments fell far shorter then the first I respectively disagree.

I loved the second and third movies because they each had a unique story that I found very enjoyable and entertaining which brings us to 2011 with Disney's fourth installment of their Pirates franchise entitled On Stranger Tides.

This time around for our beloved Jack Sparrow, excuse me Captain Jack Sparrow the landscape and journey have changed. Enter Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane and the returning Geoffrey Rush and remove the love couple Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. Pirates 4 even with a whole new group of faces and characters to learn does tell a good story with a lot of interesting twists and turns along the way.

I loved the back story of Angelica (Cruz) a woman from Sparrow's past and how it is she comes to find Jack and lead him on a quest to find the fountain of youth before others do. Cruz is a terrific actress and I think she adds a new refreshing twist to the franchise because it is fun to see her and Jack interact with one another because clearly there is a connection the two of them are trying not to act on. Also playing a vital role in the movie is Blackbeard played by the terrific Ian McShane.

Blackbeard is the pirate all pirates fear according to many in the movie and we soon discover the Angelica is the daughter of Blackbeard and that the two of them are out to find the fountain of youth with Jack's guidance and experience before the one legged man comes to kill Blackbeard. The one legged man is the new King's loyal subject- Captain Barbosa played by the awesome Geoffrey Rush. Barbosa isn't a feared pirate captain anymore my friends instead he is dressed up in proper clothes and has to wear a silly wig as he is King's man.

What P4 lacks though at times is a little more development of some of the characters I found fascinating. The mermaids for instance are only given a little bit of screen time and I found myself wanting to know more about them and what made them how they are shown on screen. Another character who I found particularly interesting is Philip Swift, a missionary captured by Blackbeard. Here is a man completely devoted to his religion and is on board to hopefully restore Blackbeard's soul and save him from going to the underworld. He is a man of great faith and shows all living things love and I wanted to know a little bit more about him.

The action and story in P4 does however flow pretty consistently throughout the movie but does slow down a little bit at times to tell the story maybe a little bit more then it needs to. While all that is fine and dandy I just could of used a little bit more action instead of dialogue. Depp is once again terrific as Captain Jack Sparrow and while the film does recycle some of the previous jokes we've seen in past installments he still makes you laugh out loud and provide us moviegoers what any summer movie should provide, entertainment.

It's a good movie to see with a group of friends or it does make for a nice date night movie out. If you're interested and SPOILER ALERT- there is a small scene after the credits that doesn't set up a fifth Pirates movie but needless to say it's a scene that will spark up some interest for you and your friends to discuss.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides gets 3/4 stars on the TK's Takeout Movie Scale!!!