Friday, April 29, 2011

TK's Take on Steve Carell's Final Episode of The Office

My apologies to those who were expecting to see my review of last night's episode entitled 'Goodbye Michael,' I had a friends party to attend but don't worry I had my things in order, it was watching the episode first then the party, there was no way I was going to miss this historic television event!

So my fellow Dunder Mifflin friends, is it me or do you feel off today? If you love the show like I do it feels weird to think that next week, for the first time in seven years we're going to see an episode of The Office without Michael Scott running the ship. Give it a minute to sink in if you must but we must come to grips with it sooner then later even if we don't want too. If anyone from NBC does happen to come across this (hey I can dream) I beg you as a fan please do not extend Will Ferrell's stay on the show. What I have been thinking was proven correct last night, if he stays on the show, it will go south fast. Call me crazy but he just doesn't fit in with this cast. He comes across loud and flamboyant and just doesn't mesh with the current group of people on it. Watching him lsat night go on that sales call with Andy was just painful and the way he came across wasn't funny. I wasn't laughing one bit with that.

But anyways onto what is most important here and that's the departure of Michael Scott. I absolutely loved everything about how he said goodbye to people because it was all so moving and touching and you can call me a big softie if you want but that's the kind of episodes I like the best. Loved him on the top of the building as he was becoming more acclimated to the higher altitudes that he'll be facing when he moves to Colorado. I immediately loved his interaction with Dwight and how he should prepare himself for the bears he could be coming in contact with as well. No you don't put salami in your pants. Too damn funny!

I thought the way they handled his goodbye last night was done to perfection. I loved how he was leaving that day and not the next just like he was telling everyone, thought it was genius. For me though the most touching moments were the personal goodbyes he did with a few of the cast members and I'd like to touch on a few now. First I loved his goodbye with Dwight. I'll be honest I didn't see that letter of recommendation coming and for me the thing that made that scene so awesome and powerful was the tremendous reaction Dwight gets when he reads that letter. Such good acting is done by Rainn Wilson in this moment it made me want to cry, ok fine, made me cry, this is the first of many times I'll admit to you guys I cried, like I said I'm a softie, but anyways. The two of them playing paintball together and goofing around for the last time it was something special to watch.

Another goodbye moment that stood out to me was him talking with Erin. (By the way I hate Gabe and everything about him, show could do without him, that's just me.) He really did become like a father figure to her as the show progressed and I thought it was such a touching final moment the two had as he kissed her on the top of the head and said you don't need a mother when you got me, was truly special.

But I want to save the best two goodbyes for last. First up was the moment when Jim goes into Michael's office and realizes that Michael is leaving today. That scene, the two to three minutes that it was, was so truly emotional and vintage Office, I instantly was tearing up. Jim who really was fond of Michael showed such sadness that he was leaving and only wanted him to be happy and reminded Michael that he was absolutely doing the right thing by moving to Colorado with Holly. The exchange back and forth was so well executed and written and it has really become maybe one of my ultimate favorite moments the show has ever done.

The whole time Michael is crossing off his goodbye list, one name remained, Pam. So while Pam is out doing her own thing, Michael is on his way to the airport for his last on screen time with us the audience at home. This to me is the best scene the show has ever done period. After Michael takes off his microphone and gives out a classic that's what she said, Pam rushes into the airport to say her goodbye to Michael and the silent goodbye was perfect. I don't think we needed to hear what they were saying because honestly we kind of already knew. Michael and Pam sure they butted heads throughout the course of the show, but there was a real special connection the two of them shared and it was executed perfectly in that silent goodbye moment. Cue back to Pam telling the camera crew that he is happy he gets to see Holly tonight and that he gets to spend the rest of his life with her. It was so touching and moving how could you not cry.

All in all my friends, I feel a bit more sad now after writing this because it got me thinking about the episode again. Thank God for my DVR because I'll probably watch it again tonight, tomorrow and the next night if only to catch another glimpse of the brilliance that is Michael Scott and the genius that is Steve Carell. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories Steve, you're truly a great comedic actor and the show will never be the same without you!!!

And that my friends is TK's take.


Other random funny moments:

-Michael's goodbye with Oscar, Angela and Phyllis.

-Creed coming out of the woman's bathroom.

-Andy stepping up to the plate and signing that client.

-Oscar's look into the camera when Angela is showing Michael the pictures.

-Michael's goodbye with Kevin and telling Kevin never to be satisfied with who you are.

-Toby telling Michael he has a brother in Coloardo, how freaking funny was that!


  1. My favorite non-cry moment of last night's episode had to be Michael's reaction after he gave that shitty gift to Oscar. It was brilliant.

  2. totally agree my friend, i'll be watching it again tomorrow :)

  3. Phyllis said that she gave away a baby..... Erin has no mom.... Do you think there is any conection there?

  4. Anonymous, I appreciate the comment. I do believe there is a connection there however I don't know how a storyline like that would fit in The Office realm but it could be a very interesting one to say the will get played out over the remaining 3 episodes, so we will have to wait and see.

  5. This was a very fitting sendoff for a great character. I liked that we got plenty of the new and improved Michael, but they didn't go overboard and make him perfect for his final episode. I have no idea where the show can go from here, but I'm just glad we got as much Michael Scott as we did.

  6. Couldn't agree more. I loved the way Michael evolved over the course of the show's seven seasons. I hated him at first but he without a doubt was my favorite character aside from Jim. The writers did a great job with his goodbye. As for the show's future, will be interesting to see who takes over and obviously future storylines now that Michael is gone. Thanks for the comment!