Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's Daily Entertainment Dish...

Here's the dish of what's going on in the world of Hollywood this Tuesday:

- AMC has greenlighted a fifth season of their acclaimed drama Mad Men set to premiere in early 2012.

- Beyonce has split from her longtime manager, her own father.

- Britney Spears this morning announced on Good Morning America a United States tour with a stop here in Chicago at the United Center on July 8th. The opening act announced was Enrique Inglesias but he has just withdrawn from the tour.

- Reports have been going around that Will Ferrell, who has signed a 4 episode arc to join The Office starting April 14th, could become more permanent. Ferrell has hinted that he could become the new permanent boss at Dunder Mifflin next season but nothing has been made official and some people don't like the idea of him on the show.

- Plans for A Justice League movie might be on the fast track again says reports, but a movie wouldn't happen til sometime after 2012 after the releases of the next Batman and Superman movies.

- Reports are also stating that just because Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are saying this is their last Batman movie together doesn't mean this is going to be the last Batman movie for a long time. People at the WB studios suggest plans for future Batman movies are already underway with Nolan set to produce them and have his input on them one way or another.

- James Bond 23 has been set to start filming this November.


  1. Love "The Daily Dish," man. Saves me time from going to comingsoon.net and tvbythenumbers.com.

    Keep up the good work.