Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol Top 11 Rewind

Theme- Mo-Town Week

Casey Abrams; sings I heard it through the Grapevine:

TK's Take- I love the original song and have to say that he does a pretty decent job covering it. His voice is so unique, maybe the most unique in this year’s competition, because when he is singing you know it’s him. I love how he uses his screams and emotion in the performance.

Status- Safe

Thia Magia; sings Heat Wave

TK's Take- Another classic mo-town song. Such an upbeat and quick tempo song and I think it perfectly suits her voice. She shows a lot of energy in tonight’s performance and isn’t just a statue like in recent weeks. I think her voice is amazing and I think she sounds pretty good! Not the best cover by any means but she still sounds good but think she could still be part of the bottom three.

Status- In Jeopardy

Jacob Lusk; sings You’re All I Need to Get By

TK's Take- To be honest I have never heard this song before; so am not familiar with the original version but with Jacob’s version he had me snapping my fingers along. I can’t say anything bad about this guy. His voice like Casey is so distinct and unique you know it’s him singing. He has such a wide range and such a powerful voice especially when he hits those high notes, which I love. I thought he sounded a bit subdue tonight but had that classic Jacob tone to the song. Gets a hug from Steven and a standing ovation from the panel, amazing job!

Status- Safe

Lauren Alaina; sings You Keep Me Hanging On

TK's Take- Another classic mo-town hit. This is such an upbeat and quick tempo song.
I think she sounded ok on this version, didn’t blow me out of the park to be honest. I still envision her as a country artist, she has that tone in her voice when she has sung country in previous weeks. She has the potential to be very good but this performance for me tonight was just alright.

Status- Game time decision, see at the end of the review.

Stefano Langone ; sings Hello

TK’s Take- If you don’t know this classic by Lionel Ritchie then there is something wrong with you. This to me is one of the most haunting ballads of all time, powerful and raw. I like his voice as I think he has that unique quality that separates him from some of the other contestants and I think he delivers a pretty solid performance. I give him credit because this is a very tough song to sing and you have to have that big voice; which in my opinion he doesn’t have. He just has a middle of the road type voice but I still enjoyed it.

Status- Could be at risk for bottom 3

Haley Reinhart; sings You Really Got a Hold on Me

TK’s Take- Thought she should of went home last week and to me I’m sorry her voice isn’t that great, she has that voice that you could hear at any bar. She doesn’t possess that unique stand out quality that the other contestants have. She sang this song ok but after being in the top 3 last week I think she’ll find herself right back there again this week.

Status- Bottom 3

Scotty McCreery ; sings For Once in My Life

TK’s Take- The country boy singing mo-town this could be interesting. Before he even started I couldn’t imagine his deep voice pulling off mo-town but when he started it sounded alright. While this definitely isn’t his genre of music he does provide his own unique stamp on the song. He doesn’t knock it out of the park by any means but gives an enjoyable performance none the less. Has a great country voice and if put into the right hands could become country music’s next big thing, post Idol.

Status- Could be in jeopardy only because of the genre clashing

Pia Toscano ; sings All in Love is Fair

TK’s Take- Another song I didn’t recognize but with Pia it really doesn’t matter because I from the beginning have thought she has the best voice on the female side. She has garnered praise with each week and I think her voice is so genuine and powerful it cuts right through you. She can hit any note and she makes it seem so easy, like she has been doing this for years. I think that she is one of the best singers and will be on this season for many weeks to come.

Status- Safe

Paul McDonald; sings Track of my Tears

TK’s Take- Another song I’m not too familiar with but I’ll be honest people, I haven’t liked his style of voice from the beginning and quite frankly I’m kind of shocked he’s still in the competition. He has a good singing voice but it just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a bit irritating to me as the song progresses so sorry Paul not a huge fan.He doesn’t really have the wow factor in my eyes.

Status- Could be at risk

Naima Adedapo ; sings Dancing in the Streets

TK’s Take- One of the more recognizable tracks of the evening, but sorry girl you didn’t do anything for me with this performance. It sounded just like a basic cover of the song, she didn’t change anything up at least to me. It sucks because she has a great voice but it seems each week she tends to sometimes over sing the song and sometimes it sounds like screaming to me. Also not a huge fan of her dancing and stupid mix ups she likes to incorporate each week.

Status- Could be in the bottom 3

James Durbin; sings Living for the City

TK’s Take- I’ll get it out of the way now, he has been my favorite from day one, I love his rock and roll type voice and how he can hit the high notes like my favorite singer, Steven Tyler. While I don’t think that this performance was one of his strongest I think he will be a lock to make it to the top 5. His voice is so unique and powerful he has that wow factor which well I personally love from him. I don’t like the fact that he gets called an Adam Lambert ripoff because he’s not. Keep on rocking James!!!

Status- Safe

So here’s my prediction for the bottom 3:


My prediction on whose going home- Haley, should of last week, but viewers will make sure of that this week.

Am I right with my assumptions and opinions, please let me know guys and sound off. Thanks everybody!!!



  1. I'm totally with you, Tim.

  2. Thanks Judy, thank you for the comment, I'll be doing Idol every week, so check back!!!