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American Idol Top 11 Part 2 Recap

American Idol Top 11; Part 2

Well last week who saw that coming, I sure as heck didn’t and I bet no one else in America did either. Casey was the bottom vote getter and was then saved by the judges, I saw that coming but what was with the tad overdramatic performance he put on after he was saved? How funny would it be to see Casey go home again this week and not be saved, I think it would be kind of funny. So this week’s theme is Elton John tunes and without further a due, here are the top 11 yet again performance by performance.

Theme- Songs of Elton John

Scotty McCreery sings; Country Comfort

TK Take- Every time I listen to Scotty sing, it sounds like something I could hear on country radio today and that’s saying something. I love country music and whether he wins Idol or not, he’s going to be a big star in country radio, you heard it here first. I’m not too familiar with most Elton songs but I loved Scotty’s take on this song because his voice just fits the song perfectly, he does a terrific job!

Status- In no danger

Naima Adedapo sings; I’m Still Standing

TK Take- When I heard she was going to change it up and make it reggae I was like oh no because I do like this song a lot. I admire her for trying to mix it up and make it her own but come on America, I can’t be the only one who hates this performance right? She doesn’t sound good and the arrangement just plain sucks, sorry but I won’t sugar coat it here. She takes the song and completely ruins it in my eyes, sorry Naima but you have yet to impress me and we’re a few weeks in already.

Status- She will be at risk with this performance.

Paul McDonald sings; Rocket Man

TK Take- One of the most recognizable and covered songs of all-time. Everyone in America knows this song. I have never been the biggest Paul fan but for some reason tonight his voice came across better on this track. He did change it up pretty drastically if I do say so but in my opinion it worked. While he still isn’t one of my favorite contestants he did step up a little bit, sounded pretty good tonight.

Status- In no danger

Pia Toscano; sings Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

TK Take- Another Elton classic that everyone can sing along too. Sure it’s another ballad for our ballad singer but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? Yet another strong performance from Pia who now and clearly put herself as one of the top 3 contestants on the show and clearly is the front runner for the girls, no one can touch her voice. She doesn’t change the song up a lot but she sings it so well, she doesn’t need to. She just knows how to deliver each week and keeps getting better and better.

Status- Will be around for a long, long while.

Stefano Langone; sings Tiny Dancer

TK’s Take- One of my favorite guilty pleasure songs, I absolutely love this song. It is one of the most recognizable songs of all-time in my opinion and I am interested to see how Stefano can make it his own. Not one of my favorite performances if I’m being honest. He doesn’t have the big powerful voice that I think is required to really nail this song and it just kind of squeaks by without much notice while I’m listening to it. Sorry Stefano, but for a guy who has been in the bottom three a couple of times, it looks like you may be headed back there again very soon.

Status- Headed to the bottom 3

Lauren Alaina ; sings Candle in the Wind

TK’s Take- Another Elton classic that everyone has heard at least once in their lifetime and can more then likely relate to it in one way or another. I think it’s a great song choice for her because she has a strong voice. I’m glad she doesn’t change it up much because this is just one of those songs you don’t mess with. It will stand the test of time and she does a pretty good job singing it. She does enough to make it sound like her own and I could picture hearing this version on the radio, well done.

Status- In no jeopardy

James Durbin; sings Saturday Night’s Alright

TK’s Take- I love this song and have enjoyed some covers of it too including the Nickelback/Kid Rock version and I have some high hopes for James version because he is my favorite contestant. I love the way that he interacts with the crowd is the only one who really knows how to engage the crowd. As for the singing, he does a pretty good job, not one of my favorite performances but he still does a pretty good job and I love the energy level he puts into each performance. Loved the ending notes, keep rocking dude!

Status- In no jeopardy

Thia Megia sings; Daniel

TK’s Take- Um, she’s singing what? Daniel? I’ve never heard of this song before, so hopefully she sings it well, cause I do enjoy her voice. I love the quiet way she opens the song with just a piano and her voice. I think she delivers a pretty emotional performance of the song and I think she sounded much better tonight then she has in previous weeks. I think her voice is so unique and dynamite anyways and I just love her and the piano tonight, she definitely knocks it out of the park if you ask me.

Status- Has been in the bottom three before; but not sure if she’s going to do enough to get out of it again...on the fence.

Casey Abrams; sings Your Song

TK’s Take- A classic song yet again so let’s see how the one time favorite handles the pressure of being the saved contestant. I liked the way it was just him and the piano but I’m starting to sense that while I enjoyed his voice in the early stages of the show, I’m starting to realize that it’s just good, not great like many thought it was. I think he is much more laid back tonight and finally just sings a song instead of screaming one. He does do a good job with the song and you can tell he is nervous and who could blame him. Props to Casey tonight, he rebounds nicely.

Status- America made a statement last week that no one saw coming will it happen again, who knows but if I had to call it right now on the spot, he will be safe and advance.

Jacob Lusk; sings Sorry Seems to be the hardest word

TK’s Take- I just love his voice, what more can I say. Not too familiar with this song but I can hear myself listening to Jacob’s version on the radio, he just has that quality about his voice that comes across in each performance he gives. He is showing us all why he could very well make it to the very end. He has a raw powerful voice and seems to approach each song with such a clear head and he’s one of the best contestants the show has ever had. Yet another terrific performance!

Status- Isn’t going anywhere, safe.

Haley Reinhart; sings Bennie and the Jets

TK’s Take- I was anxious to see who was going to cover this one and when Haley selected it, I was like damn. Sorry but I’ve never been a big fan of hers, so here’s hoping she can cover it and make it her own. And yet again I’m disappointed with her performance, seriously I don’t get why she made it to the top 13. She has an average voice at best and this cover is just terrible. This song is a classic and her voice on it completely ruins it for me. Doesn’t do any justice to this timeless classic.

Status- Could be headed for trouble

Best Performance of the Night- Jacob Lusk and Pia

So here’s my prediction for the bottom 3:

Alternates- Paul or Casey

My prediction on whose going home this week: Naima & Stefano will be headed home.

Am I right with my assumptions and opinions, please let me know guys and sound off. Thanks everybody!!!


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