Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is TK's takeout and I'm winning...

Hey everybody,

Thank you all for checking out the blog so far, I truly appreciate it. I love writing and I'm so glad to see you guys are responding in a positive way, thank you again. So the point of having a blog is to talk about things that are current and relative and offer up my opinion on them. So other then the devastating Japan situation we have going on, my heart goes out to all of those who have been impacted by this tragedy, there is another thing people just can't seem to get enough...CHARLIE SHEEN!!!

Now while some people really seem to absolutely hate the man right now, you have to admit it's kind of a fun show to watch unfold. After all, this world is completely obsessed, let me repeat OBSESSED with celebrities and everything that they do and say, so Charlie Sheen has proved to be the cream of the crop. I put a poll question up last night to gauge your feelings about Charlie Sheen and if he should be allowed back on TV's Most Watched Comedy- Two and a Half Men and right now, people seem like it's a good idea, while a few say he has dug his own grave.

Now my opinion on this is simple and direct, any network right now would be lucky to get Sheen on their network in any capacity. Why? It's a simple fact, he is the hottest thing in Hollywood right now no denying or arguing it. He would bring the networks some risk I'll give you that but the ratings and attention surrounding a new Sheen project would be through the roof. Case in point, the Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Tornado of Truth Tour. Started out as a two or three city event and has now spread into 20 plus shows. Why, because the initial shows sold out within minutes.

People can't seem to get enough of Charlie Sheen and the fact is people want to know what he will do or what's the man going to say next, after all he does have tiger blood in him, which us normal humans can't handle, this much I do get! I'd kill to go to this tour and watch him rant and talk for two hours because I think it would be one of the funniest and most interesting things I could ever witness in person. The man either has a plan laid out in his head or he is digging his own grave either way, right now Sheen is winning, whether we like to admit it or not.



  1. i agree with you baby, but i have never liked the man and still don't.

  2. Thanks baby, I know you don't like him ;)

  3. How do u not like him?!?! That video made my eyes open wide. He's a funny man, and I think he deserves to be treated as so. Everyone makes mistakes, we're only human.

  4. Carissa...have you ever read about his past or seen the True Hollywood Story on E!? He is a scumbag. Sorry I just don't like him. But yes he is a good actor and is great at what he does.

  5. Hey, you should add a blogroll to show what sites/blogs you get your info from. I'd probably look at those sites in addition to your's if you did.

    I use Ew.com, tvline.com and IGN.com by the way...seems like you use at least one of those sites because I see the same info on here and there sometimes...ha