Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some takeout late night style...

Hey guys,

Hope you all enjoyed my Charlie Sheen piece, it felt great to write about something entertainment related again, it's been far too long. Just wanted to update you a little bit and give you a little sneak peak at what's to come here at the blog.

-2011 MLB Season Preview- Myself vs Mr. Sox Fan aka Mike; we'll offer up our expert analysis and tell you whose going to win it all this season and what teams are going to disappoint yet again!

-2011 Summer Movie Preview- I look into my crystal ball and generate my top 10 must see movies to hit up this summer along with the 5 duds you'll want to make sure you avoid wasting money on.

-TV Recaps- I'll recap and offer my opinions on hit shows including 'Modern Family,' 'Parks and Recreation,' and focus a lot on my favorite show 'The Office' and prepare all of us for the final episodes with our favorite boss Michael Scott.

-Movie and TV News- Whenever there is something breaking I'll put it here as soon as I can and offer up instant commentary on the headlines that are making the biggest news!

So please keep it here and like you all see already, I'll always update my Facebook whenever there is something new here on the blog. Again thank you guys for hitting up the blog in some impressive numbers in it's first full day alive on the world wide web, I'm having a blast doing this and hope all of you will like what I publish, and if not, please leave me comments and feedback!!!



  1. May I suggest TV Power Rankings and a list of some sort... maybe of the Top 13 variety.

  2. Brendan my good friend, of course you may suggest that and I think a TV Power Rankings list is in order, but I would feel a bit strange doing it, it has been a while for me lol. I'll def. look into that!!!