Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's Daily Entertainment Dish...

Here's the low-down on Thursday's Hollywood Headlines:

-Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting his own comic book from mega comic God Stan Lee set to debut next year.

-Justin Bieber is reportedly set to star in an upcoming comedy movie alongside funny man Ashton Kutcher says reports.

-Will Arnett has been cast in the upcoming NBC pilot that also stars Christina Applegate; meaning that most likely he won’t be joining The Office full time as the new boss.

-Jonathan Groff is returning to Glee; he will be making his return in the current season’s finale this May.

-HBO has canceled In Treatment

-The Expendables 2 has received a release date- August 17, 2012.

-Leonard Nimoy will be the voice of Sentinel Prime in the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie.

-MTV has picked up 5 new shows.

-Tour news- ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd have announced a summer headlining co-tour with one another.

-Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow are hitting the road together this summer with a stop here in Chicago on August 20th.


  1. Another excellent Entertainment Dish! More info on MTV's 5 new shows please!!

  2. Angie, here is a little info about the five new MTV shows:

    One is a comedy remake of a British show called the Inbetweeners, two game type shows, a sex advice show and a dating show from the producers of Jersey Shore. That's all I got so far.