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The Office: Garage Sale Recap

The Office- Garage Sale Recap

Schrutes are farmers by hobby and traders by trade

Thank God, THE OFFICE IS BACK. Had to use the capital letters to stress my excitement. My favorite all-time show has been firing on all cylinders this season and the countdown has begun to post Scott era. It seems like ages ago since we’ve had a new episode and all is right the world once again.

It turns out our Dunder Mifflin employees are having a little garage sale in the middle of a Pennsylvania winter (assuming it’s that, because when Dwight opens the warehouse door they all yell it’s cold and to close it.) Dwight kicks things off with his normal awesome self and is swindling his fellow co-workers to obtain items he wants and get rid of those items he doesn’t no longer need, major kudos Dwight. Michael and Holly well seem to be on separate wave-lengths when it comes to a garage sale because every time someone approaches them to buy something Michael tells them to get lost and I quote, “That’s how it’s done.”

Cue another classic Jim/Dwight moment; as Jim tells Dwight a tale about how he bought a magical lagoon pack and is not trying to sell them to Dwight. We head back upstairs and find that our faithful Mr. Scott is on the phone with none other then Holly’s father telling him he wants to fire her, wait no, discuss his intentions with him, could it be? So in typical Michael Scott fashion, he’s outside in the parking lot apparently playing with a can of gasoline when Pam enters to ask him what he is doing. Well apparently he is writing a message in gas to ask Holly, hmmm. Smart and a sound idea, one of the many Michael has had.

Michael calls a meeting in the conference room but only Pam, Jim, Oscar and Ryan attend, to discuss how to properly propose to Holly. Andy, Kevin and Darryl are enjoying a nice game of Dallas during the garage sale and of course use some southern accents. Holly and Phyllis have an interesting conversation about when you know it’s time for your parents to no longer be on their own. Michael shows them what kind of ring he got Holly, ‘Three years salary,’ he says. We start to reminisce about Jim and Pam’s engagement, who could forget right?

Holly informs Michael that she might need to go home to Colorado to take care of her sick father and shocker, asks Michael to come with him. Then she starts to talk about their comfort with one another and in one of the best scenes ever, Holly starts to ask, ‘Michael Scott will,’ no no no shut it replies Michael! Give me a second to wipe the tears from my eyes. Michael in his office tells us he will not be proposed to in the break room and that he should of burned this building down when he had the chance.

Have to love the board game segment with the three stooges and where the money ends up, in Kevin’s hand. The magical lagoon beans can not be destroyed after all and Dwight sees them and of course has to have them so trades his nice telescope staight up to Jim for them. Michael and Holly go for a nice walk and in typical office romance style, Michael plays it off so wonderfully and sweet, it was terrific. Ok, so this has just become my favorite moment The Office has ever done. It was the most touching, heartfelt and powerful moment that has been building up for 7 long seasons. The proposal scene was so perfect with the candles and of course the sprinklers being set of from the smoke and then the bomb shell- HOLLY SAYS YES!!!!! I’ll admit, I’m so invested in this show, it brought a tear to my eye and I’m not ashamed. Then the second bombshell and it makes perfect sense to play off Michael Scott’s departure, he announces he is moving to Colorado with Holly.

Easily one of the best episodes of The Office ever!!!

Random Moments:

-When Michael puts out the St. Pauly Girl beer sign; says he paid 500 bucks for it, Holly says 10, and the exchange ends with Michael saying get lost.

-Holly- If it’s a problem with the neon, I can have my neon guy take a look.

-Kevin jumping up so fast when they talk about making the Dallas board game interesting.

-Ryan’s Mama Sally jars; loved it.

-Dwight pawning random things on everyone.

-Pam, “We are family and I have always believed we should be involved in everyone’s personal life.”

-Dwight watering the magical bean plants and Jim replacing them with taller plants.

Line of the Night- “Holy shit is that real?” Pam when she sees the ring Michael got Holly & “I should of burned this place down when I had a chance.” Michael Scott about not getting proposed to in the break room.

Oh my God, what an episode and now we have til wait til April 14th for the last three episodes of Michael Scott, grab the Kleenex now my friends.


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