Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Modern Family 'Boys Night' Recap

Well after what seemed like an eternity, finally a new episode of television’s best comedy is back- Modern Family. For those who don’t know I absolutely love this show and with the new blog; it’ll be a weekly staple here at the blog, a Modern Family recap that is. I love this show and this is a perfect forum for me to share my opinions on each episode, so I hope all you fellow Modern Family lovers enjoy also.

Absolutely loved the opening couple of minutes of tonight’s show centering around Jay, Gloria and Manny. Jay and Manny’s bickering with one another has become somewhat of a routine in the past few episodes and with each week it only gets bigger and better in this fans opinion. Tonight we see Manny having to experience a life changing event when Gloria hands him scrambled eggs instead of his usual breakfast. He freaks out and we hear about how Jay, when he was younger, tried crab cakes for the first time and fell in love with them. Cut to another classic line by Manny, “That’s a great story Jay does anyone have the movie rights to that.”

We see the Dunphy’s outside enjoying some quality family time that only the Dunphy’s can have. In typical Phil and Claire fashion, this time can’t be just for fun it has to be some sort of competition and we see that the winner of this baseball game we’ll call it, has to wash the dishes for a week. Of course Phil and Claire exchange some excellent one liners with one another and the game abruptly ends with the ball going over the fence. Well this doesn’t sit well Luke, but we are told that their next door neighbor is a horrible person and that they never ever dare talk to him. Our adorable Luke as he refers to himself of course wanders over there and tells the man he wants his ball back.

I absolutely love Luke and think he is one of the show’s strongest characters and love the fact that he is getting more lines as the show progresses. I loved his comments about the air tank and the oxygen tubes connected to his nose. ‘We have air in our house.’ Priceless. Of course Luke establishes a sort of friendship with the man only to anger his parents, who Luke claims they never like any of his friends.

Then in perhaps one of the funniest scenes in MF history, Phil and Claire decide to go meet their next door neighbor for the first time and they see him sitting on his chair not getting up. So they repeatedly knock on the door pushing it open and in classic Phil style he shoves Claire inside the house first to check it out. The two of them on screen together is magic everytime. Of course they wake up the neighbor when Phil checks his pulse and chaos ensues. In the end we find out that this so called evil next door neighbor is a nice lonely old man and him and Luke become friends once more and he even brings them over a bag of onions, but don’t throw a parade, it’s just onions.

Have to talk about Cam and Mitchell, my favorite part of the show. Cam, who in this fans opinion is the best character on TV right now is once again absolutely hysterical. Our guys haven’t had some quality alone time with their fellow gay friends so decide to have a boys night out but with one setback, Haley as Lily’s babysitter. Cut to this restaurant and the return of Nathan Lane as the boisterous Pepper, such a great name and such a great performance by Lane. (Please have him on the show again!) The guys at the table start to reveal their very first man crush and as it’s Mitchell’s turn who do we see enter the bar, Mitchell’s father Jay who is instantly invited over to join the boys by Pepper. Some superb writing, bantering and dialogue took place over the course of this scene because I can’t remember a lot of these lines because quite frankly I was laughing out loud so much I couldn’t hear them all. Here we see Jay kind of surprise not just Mitchell but us the audience as well. Who knew that Jay aka Mr. Straight would have this sort of a side in him? I thought it was very cool to see Mitchell and his dad have this moment together.  Major kudos to Pepper and the other gay friends, all of which were equally funny.

Loved the ending of the episode with Gloria and Jay, whose extremely hungover and has apparently set up a lunch date with Pepper. Jay pleads with Gloria to fake an injury to get out of his mess but when the time comes she doesn’t and tells Pepper that Jay is all his for the rest of the day and that he has nothing to do and to take his time, much to the displeasure of Jay.

The reason I love this show so much is the message that each episode delivers and tonight’s was the experiences that we all can gain by trying new things and interacting with new and sometimes different people then we are accustomed too. The point of life is to try new things and meet different people then ourselves, to step out of our personal comfort zone. Without experiencing that danger or newness I’ll call it, life is just going to be the same and quite frankly that can get a little boring. Because in the end you just never know what’s hidden inside yourself or in others, until we step out of the norm and try something new and different.

Other random facts from tonight’s episode:

-Alex talking about the falling birds from the sky; and her parents telling her to stop watching the news

-Haley babysitting and Dylan with no shoes on; and Cam spying on them through the computer

-The return of Pepper, I’ll say it again, classic.

Line of the night- Neighbor- Keep your blinds close when you play your sexy games, oh God he’s seen my sexy games, Phil.


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