Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Wednesday Entertainment Dish...

Hey guys,

Have come across a few interesting pieces of news this afternoon and wanted to pass them along with you:

  • The cast of Modern Family is going to be making an appearance on 'Inside the Actors Studio' with host James Lipton. They will be filming their episode in the middle of May with an air date TBA.
  • Good Morning America has reportedly offered an invitation to Chris Brown to have him come back to GMA. Brown who has been making headlines for his recent appearnace on the show, threw a cooler backstage and then proceeded to throw a chair through a glass window in his dressing room and left the building shirtless, sounds like a winner to me! ABC has declined to press charges against the singer.
  • MTV has picked up two more seasons of 'The Real World' which will bring the season total to 28, yikes!!!
  • Last but certainly not least, screen legend Elizabeth Taylor passed away today at the age of 79. 


  1. Entertainment Dish is definitely my favorite part of Tim's Takeout! I say add more of this :) Sweet blog all around though Tim!!

  2. Angie, thanks for the comment I'll def continue to add more of the daily takeout; I appreciate the feedback, become a follower!!!