Monday, May 9, 2011

TK's Takeout: Thor Review

Well my friends, the official box office season got underway with the release of Thor this past weekend.

If you're like me then this film was certainly an intriguing one to say the very least. Heading into the film I didn't know much about the origins of Thor and his stories in the comics but I knew enough to set up a ground base for the film.

That being said and after seeing the film I have to give you guys my honest opinion of the film and that is, it was a good film but far too slow moving for my liking. I understand that this film is the first in the characters history and its purpose is to introduce us to a whole new man and world but the time it takes the movie to do so just drags on for too long.

The movie opens up with a team of scientists headed by Jane (Natalie Portman) who are investigating these disturbances in the sky and are trying to see if it ties into their research. All of a sudden this storm starts to happen and Thor is beamed down to Earth and is hit by Jane's car. Cue the flashback to see how exactly Thor was banished and we are taken away to Asgard, the home realm to Thor and his people. The visual appearance of the city is breathtaking and the films creators did a terrific job at bringing this historic mythological city to the big screen.

Thor's father, Odin, is played brilliantly by the wonderful Anthony Hopkins and he portrays a true God like figure in the film. He is strong, powerful and a confident king who appears ready to hand over the reigns to his first born son Thor but only before there is a break in to their weapons vault. Thor and his team of elite warriors want to venture out to Jotunheim, the home of the frost giants who are responsible for breaking into Asgard, but doing so could spell war for the two realms.

There we are treated to the first major battle scene in the movie and I must say the visual effects used were tremendous. Thor's swinging of his mighty hammer were truly a spectacle to watch on the screen and the fights were very well choreographed and the frost giants used in the movie were quite good as well.

After Thor engages what seems hundreds of these frost giants he breaks the treaty these two nations have and trouble ensues and war is on the horizon. The king then curses his son from Asgard taking away his powers and his mighty hammer sending them to Earth as well.

Thor is a very funny movie as well. There are a lot of great one liners our God of Thunder says because well, he is a stranger to our universe and has no idea of how things work down here. With the guidance of Thor, Jane slowly begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together and Thor opens up to her about his world and the other realms out there that he and his people are in charge of protecting but all of that is challenged by the frost giants and traders within Asgard's own borders.

The film if you're a fan of the Marvel universe also offers us a first glance of another Avenger, Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner, sorry if I spoiled that for anyone!

Ultimately what Thor tells in story, the film lacks in action and I'm going to be honest I could of used a lot more action. I thought the story was very easy to follow and is something that any new fan can relate to and understand and the film has something for everyone.

The acting is very good in the movie highlighted I think by Hemsworth, Portman and Hopkins respectively and while the story does jump from realm to realm at times it isn't that complicated and the film ends at a good spot setting up the inevitable sequel, which Marvel has already confirmed, there will be a Thor 2.

Thor earns a 3 out of 4 star rating on the TK Scale and if you're a fan of the Thor comics, you will most likely enjoy this movie.



  1. I was most impressed with the ability to keep two mostly separate stories going and maintaining interest in both of them. I was skeptical that Thor could pull that off, but I never felt like the events on Earth or Asgard were given the short straw in favor of the other.

  2. I thought that too, it was a very easy transition to follow the two realms back and forth that is, thanks for the comment Dan.