Friday, May 20, 2011

TK's Take: Office Season 7 Finale Recap

Well Office fans it's been quite a ride this year for the Dunder Mifflin staff. No storyline was touched on more then the departure of our beloved Michael Scott, boy do I miss him already.

With tonight's season finale we were all left wondering, who was going to take over Dunder Mifflin and fill the seat of the late great Michael Scott. While I have my opinion on whose the perfect fit to lead the Office (we'll touch on that later,) let's take a look at who interviewed for the job tonight and whose really in the running to take over.

Ricky Gervais- did the computer interview and will not be joining the show. He wouldn't mesh well with this cast and I think he is too far out there to blend with the cast. I personally don't think he is that great and I would absolutely hate to see him join the cast, so I'm ruling him out.

Ray Romano- thought his character on tonight's episode was pretty funny. I loved how he was very awkward and strange and pulled out a sandwich in the middle of the interview. Back to reality- Romano is contracted with his current show Men of a Certain Age otherwise I think he would seriously have been considered to take over as branch manager, so he is out of the running.

Catherine Tate- didn't like this character at all, not one bit, I can't stress this enough. Thought she was boring and just plain dull in my opinion, and luckily I don't think she'll be taking over anytime soon, so she is out of the running.

Warren Buffet- really? Next...

Will Arnett- While a lot of people consider him to be a very funny and talented actor, TK doesn't. I'm sorry people but everything Will has done I personally find stupid and boring. I don't think he would gel with this cast at all and doesn't fit in to what the show is about. Plus the fact he has a new pilot with Christina Applegate this fall, so he is out as well.

That leaves Jim Carrey and James Spader.

Jim Carrey while he was only shown briefly was freaking hysterical. The man is a true comedy genius and I think he would be a great fit for the show. Now while there is next to a zero percent chance the show will sign him, I'm sorry to say it he won't be joining the show. He's way too big of a movie star to give that up and focus on a television sitcom. It sucks because I think he would of been a great fit.

James Spader- easily my favorite candidate of the night. I loved this character and how he played with Jim and pretty much everyone in the interviewing process. I loved how direct and kind of mysterious he was and I really enjoyed it. I think this character showed great promise and could fit in nicely with the cast. I loved his one on one with Dwight downstairs as he was trying to figure Dwight out, wait he just did, too funny if you ask me. I think Spader is a serious contender to take over the show's leading spot.

Now on to the guys who actually are a part of the show and interviewed...Dwight, Andy and Darrel.

Dwight- what else can you say about his dedication? I mean he wrapped himself up as a burn victim and pretended to be someone else just to get an interview, that has to count for something. Unfortunately Dwight will not be taking over the bosses chair next season, just a gut feeling, but you can't blame a man for trying.

Andy- I would love to see Andy in charge so I'm just going to come right out with it. I think Andy brings such a spirit and passion to the show and that is brought out by the terrific Ed Helms. I think the show sometimes under utilizes him and bringing him to the forefront would present the show with a fresh new life and that's exactly what this show needs now that the heart and soul, Carell has left the building. Sure his sales records aren't good but he is educated and likes everyone in the office, his words not mine!

Darrel- I'll come right out and say it, just like I did for Andy, I would almost stop watching the show with Darrel in charge. I've always hated this character as I think he adds nothing to the show and it's whole. He was better off as a warehouse worker where we only saw him once in a while but I'm not liking him as the branch manager. The guy isn't management material I mean come on. I really hope the writers don't put him in charge.

Having said all that and taking all names into consideration my gut feeling for who will take over the show as new Branch Manager is Andy Bernard. I think Ed Helms is the big draw right now what with the success of his movie career and I think the Office writers and producers will need someone with that star power who can keep the audience tuning in each week. I think Ed Helms will energize a new life into a show that come this September is entering it's 8th season, something that is not easily done people.

If it isn't going to be Helms, I think James Spader is a definite contender as I'm pretty sure he hasn't signed up for any new fall pilots so his name has to be taken into consideration. He showed tonight he can be funny, interact well with other cast members like Jim, Toby and Dwight and can bring something new and fresh to the show. Not to mention he is a pretty successful and very talented sitcom star.

Other side notes about tonight's episode:
-Phyllis is not Erin's mother, didn't think the show would go that route and I'm glad to see they didn't...that would of been a bit awkward and a really moment if you ask me.

-I hope this sticks...Gabe is moving back to Florida with Jo and leaving the branch. Hated his character from the beginning and I think this will be a good move for the branch and the show.

-Andy and Erin...they will get back together and I think it is a story that will be carried out throughout season 8.

-Angela marrying the supposed 'gay' senator and rubbing it in everyone's faces. A storyline I could really care less about.

Overall this season definitely had some high moments while also suffering through some low ones as well. The last couple of episodes that featured Michael were some of the most genuine and heartfelt the show has ever produced and it's only going to get tougher to replace him and his legacy.

What does the future hold for this once very esteemed show, only time will tell. The people behind the scenes need to make a tough decision this summer to whose taking over the branch because it's going to be a move that ultimately keeps the show going for a couple of more years or be a choice that results in season 8 being the last season of the show.

See you guys back at Dunder Mifflin this fall.



  1. Supposedly Tate is the writers' choice to take over the show, but the network is still fighting it at this point.

  2. I did read that last night after my recap, not sure how I feel about it but whatever the case I'll always watch the show, it's my favorite!