Monday, May 9, 2011

TK Spotlight: Lady Gaga HBO Concert Special

So if you guys weren't aware this past weekend the Lady Gaga Concert special that was recorded in Madison Square Garden aired on HBO. I myself have been a Lady Gaga fan from the time that Poker Face came out and have liked most of the songs she has released since then.

I have to say after watching this special I enjoy her even more. She is a true performer in every sense of the word. She puts so much thought into her performances and she wants to make sure that the fans are getting what they paid for, a good show. I found it interesting to see what she addressed during the special as well, for instance, the topic of her lip-singing.

And to that she replied I have never lip singed nor will I ever. Just because someone dances and sings at the same time doesn't mean they are lip singing. She is on her way to becoming mentioned with the likes of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Showmanship wise and the dedication each had to their fan base and their concerts is so similar and quite obvious when you see the both of them perform. Michael's ability to dance like that and still have the energy to sing for a two hour set is astonishing and the same can be said for Gaga. She puts just as much energy into her stage set up, costumes and of course the choreography.

She is giving it 110% each and every time out and wants to put her staple on music history. (She already is) I'm writing this just because I am a fan of her and while many people call her 'out there,' 'weird' and 'strange' she is certainly not what others call her, untalented. She is in my opinion one of the most talented people that the world has ever seen and I would go as far to call her the most influential artist during my life time. Think about it? What other artists in the last 25 years has come onto the music scene and taken it by the horns and made it their own? No one comes to my mind, but please if you can think of someone do share your thoughts.

Gaga is in a class of her own and I think she will only continue to get bigger and better. Her new CD Born This Way arrives in a couple of weeks and it is going to be an enormous hit. It'll be something people are probably talking about for a long long time, but whether you like it or not, Gaga is talented, inspirational and is someone that is taking the music industry by storm and turning it on it's feet with each new song she releases.


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