Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday tidbits...

Hello friends, here's some interesting little nuggets of information I've stumbled across today:

-Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover and Hangover 2 has said he has a loose idea for a third and final Hangover and it's a new concept that no one has really seen before.

-Fans of How I Met Your Mother who were left wanting more after the season finale aka MYSELF, TIM...should be delighted to know season 7 is going to be one for the ages with a lot of big things in store for our gang. The creators promise that the November sweeps episodes are going to be game changers for the show...I can't wait!

-Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are set to team up again in a turkey football comedy movie scheduled for release in either 2012/2013.

-Conan O'Brien is set to hit the road next season to film some of his late night talk show episodes with stops in both NYC and Chicago.

-A brand new Lady Gaga documentary is set to hit MTV on Thursday May 26th.

-Titanic is coming back to the big screen in state of the art 3D it was announced today...the film is set to set sail April 6, 2012 to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of the ships sinking.

-Armie Hammer (Social Network, twin) is set to join Johnny Depp in the film The Lone Ranger.

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