Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Office: Inner Circle Recap

Dear my fellow followers of The Office:

Tonight's recap isn't going to be in great detail because if you're like me you are left scratching your head asking 'What did I just watch?' Maybe I'm too much of a TV critic I don't know but if this is the best that the creative team behind the Office could do tonight then the future of the show is in serious jeopardy without Michael Scott.

Tonight's episode centered around DeAngelo and his inner circle friends. Jim, Kevin, Gabe and Darrel made up the inner circle and left many outsiders feeling alone and upset that they weren't part of the crew, mainly Andy Bernard. This also leads to the women of Dunder Mifflin to come to Jim and say that DeAngelo is a sexist and doesn't treat everyone equally and with respect. So of course Jim brings this up to DeAngelo and what happens to Jim? He gets kicked out of the inner circle only to be replaced by Andy.

From there the show which started off poorly, takes a turn for the worst and fast. The inner circle is seen creating a lot of noise and so when Pam goes to ask them to quiet down we see that they are getting treated to a dunking session by DeAngelo. Are you freaking kidding me here? Seriously? This is the best thing that the writers could come up with for tonight's show?

So of course Jim likes to play with him and challenges DeAngelo to go show the entire staff what he has got with a real ball and a real hoop. So Jim measures out the distance that DeAngelo will have to jump in order to dunk the ball and of course he can't pull it off so what happens? DeAngelo jumps and dunks the ball from about a foot away and pulls the entire basketball hoop down on him sending him to the hospital. Hooray the best thing to happen all night.

I'll tell you what my friends, if Will Ferrell is brought on board for an entire season instead of just a mini arc (he only signed up for four episodes and tonight was episode 4) I might quit watching this show, that is how badly Will Ferrell has ruined my all time favorite show. In his four episodes he has added so few laughs and has proven in my eyes to not mesh at all with the current cast which is fine by itself.

NBC had better pray they find a good fitting big celebrity name to fit in with this show's cast not named Will Ferrell. I can't be the only one who hates him on this show this much right? I personally think that by the season finale which is in two weeks we will know who is taking over the Dunder Mifflin branch and I have my own thoughts on who it should be, which I'll share at a later date and time.

But if tonight is any indication on how the show would be with Will Ferrell in charge well NBC you have just lost a die hard viewer, because I couldn't tolerate him for an entire season.



  1. Tim,

    I have been preaching the Will Ferall is terrible saga for years now. i am glad to see someone else finally seeing the light!!!!

    Andrew K

  2. Actually I thought it was funny but I could relate to Jim being out of the inner circle. Looks like where I work.


  3. andrew k thank you for the comment lol, i am so glad to see him gone...and Jim thank you for the feedback as well, i always appreciate comments.

  4. I couldn't agree more. The entire episode I just kept reminding myself that this was the last of Will Ferrell. I think he could have worked if used properly, but they introduced him too early and he ended up distracting from Michael for his final three episodes. I would have preferred a quick introduction last week, then a three to four episode arc to end the season. Obviously the character as written didn't work, but I think with some minor modifications, he could have been someone who started out seeming competent and then slowly descended into insanity. Instead we got a distraction during the most important episodes in the show's history then a quick write-off of an annoying character. Let's hope that they have something better planed for the future.

  5. I couldn't agree more with you Dan. I would of liked to of seen him come in the first episode post Michael Scott instead of when he originally debuted. If the writers would of thought him out a little bit more carefully he could of been a funnier and more relevant character.